How To Tell If A Chihuahua Is Pregnant ( 5 Important Chihuahua Pregnancy Signs )


Due to their small size, Chihuahuas are susceptible to many health complications during the pregnancy period. So the sooner you are aware of it, the sooner you can help and assist your Chihuahua during this challenging stage of her life.

How to tell if a Chihuahua is pregnant? There will be multiple physical and behavioral changes, which will let you know that your Chihuahua may have some buns in the oven. These changes can vary from a large belly, swollen breasts and vaginal discharge to emotional imbalances, appetite changes and becoming isolated along with some tiredness.

For first-time owners or even experienced Chihuahua lovers, it can be a very nerve-racking and confusing period to go through. That is why on Chihuahuas Land we have made this article that is sure to help you recognize the most important signs of your Chihuahua’s pregnancy, the hidden and the obvious ones. and provide some tips on how to deal with it. Read on.

How Long is a Chihuahua Pregnant For

Before learning how to tell if a Chihuahua is pregnant. you should know first that if a tie proves to be successful, a pregnancy will occur. First of all, you should know that the pregnancy or pregnancy of a Chihuahuas lasts approximately 2 months, that is, an average of 63 days of gestation.

Normally, after mating, a dog’s pregnancy lasts from 58 days to 65 days, at the end of which the dog will deliver her puppies. As you will probably realize, it’s quite a rough approximation, and the length of pregnancy can vary by a few days from one dog to another.

 Early signs of Chihuahua pregnancy

Pregnancy in small toy breeds can be potentially very dangerous, so you’ll need to know as many signs and symptoms of pregnancy in Chihuahuas as you can. we have compiled some early symptoms to be on the lookout for. If you wanna know how to tell if a Chihuahua is pregnant.

how to tell if a Chihuahua is pregnant

Week 1. At this early stage, there will usually be no signs. By the end of Week 1, there may be some mild nausea leading to a decreased appetite. This type of nausea can occur at any time of the day or night.

Weeks 2 and 3. Some signs will begin to emerge, although minimal. This may include some lethargy, a slightly swollen belly, a possible increase in self-cleaning and/or mildly enlarged nipples. During week 2 there may still be minor nausea. This is usually brief, as a more hearty appetite emerges as she progresses through week 3.

Week 4. The signs are now quite apparent. The abdomen will swell to the point where there is no doubt that she is carrying a litter, the nipples will enlarge, darken and some that were previously reddened may pop out and the mammary glands (breast tissue) will swell. She may also have nesting tendencies and her appetite should be strong.

Weeks 5 and 6. As your Chihuahua nears the end of her gestation period, you might notice Increased urination. The pressure on the uterus will cause your Chihuahua to urinate more frequently. she may tire much more easily, prefers to stay at home resting in a quiet place and will generally be less sociable.

Expected weight gain: weight gain is not only comprised of puppies, but also of liquids (water, amniotic fluids, colostrum) and tissue (amniotic sacs surrounding each fetus, umbilical cords). For the entire duration of pregnancy,

A Chihuahua will gain about 20% of her normal body weight. For example, a 6 lb. Chihuahua will gain about 1.2 pounds, finishing at 7.2 pounds. If you suspect that she has gained too much or too little weight, please consult your veterinarian.

How to tell if a Chihuahua is pregnant for real

As we referred to, most signs of pregnancy in a Chihuahua won’t be fully visible until some time has passed. That being said, there are some things you can do to when in doubt when you can’t see how to tell if a Chihuahua is pregnant.

pregnant Chihuahua

If you want the vet to confirm the pregnancy, the earliest this can be done is day 22. Take a look at the options (this counts from the actual mating date):

Blood tests can confirm pregnancy as early as day 22.

An ultrasound can further confirm pregnancy as soon as day 28.

Palpation can also confirm pregnancy as early as day 28

An X-ray can confirm pregnancy as early as day 42; however, it is recommended to wait until day 55 to get an accurate scan of how many puppies to anticipate.

When did the pregnancy happen?

A female dog can become pregnant during the estrus phase of the cycle. This stage typically lasts between 2 and 3 weeks. During this time, there is a narrow window lasting 7 to 10 days, usually commencing somewhere between Day 10 and Day 15 (starting the count from Day 1 which begins the discharge) when the eggs will fall and the female can become pregnant.

Care routine for a pregnant Chihuahua

During your Chihuahua pregnancy period there are things that you can do and things to avoid to help her go through the stages on gestation as comfortably as possible. as it is an essential aspect of knowing how to tell if a Chihuahua is pregnant.

Care routine for a pregnant Chihuahua

Pregnancy feeding: A pregnant Chihuahua does not require an increase in food during the first few weeks; calorie requirements increase as she progresses to week 3. Many veterinarians suggest switching to puppy food.

If possible, stay with the same brand, choosing the ‘puppy’ formula. DO NOT give any calcium-rich foods or any type of supplement containing calcium. By the end of week 3, the number of calories should be about 25% more than normal. she may do better with more frequent meals rather than larger portions.

Supplements: In the majority of cases, a pregnant female dog should not be given additional vitamins or supplements without explicit instructions from the veterinarian. Doing so can be harmful to both the pregnant dog and the litter.

This is particularly true of calcium; the amount that is in the mother’s regular food is all that is needed. DO NOT give her any extra; it is linked to Eclampsia which can be fatal.

Activity: unless there are exercise restrictions set by the veterinarian, keep offering walks twice a day, at a reasonable pace, although perhaps a little slower. This will keep the dog fit and healthy for delivery. Do not indulge in any jumping that may cause a shake.

During the last 2 weeks, depending on how many puppies a mother has, there may be some problems maneuvering and walks may be paused at this time.

Provide comfort: nesting instincts will be high. If not already installed, offer a bed inside a playpen or enclosed area. She should not be isolated; have this in a quiet corner of a room used by the family.

Other dogs: A pregnant dog may become nervous around other dogs in the house (male or female); if so, surround her resting place with portable baby gates. If the father is in the house, separate the two dogs from the beginning of week 6. He can join her, with supervision, when the puppies are 4 weeks old. He will have full access once the puppies are fully weaned.

How Many Puppies Can A Chihuahua Have In A Single Litter

How many puppies a pregnant Chihuahua female can have will depend on how the sexual relationship with the dog has been and what size both the dog and the female dog are.

In addition, dogs, like women, have an ovulation cycle in which there are phases in which they are fertile and it is easier for them to get pregnant.

Likewise, if the dog has a considerably large size, the number of puppies she has may be greater, approximately she can have up to six puppies, although the usual is to have between two and three Chihuahuas, while if the dog has a small size or is cataloged as a Toy Chihuahua, it is likely that she will not have more than three Chihuahua puppies.


Can my Chihuahua have a false pregnancy?

It is not uncommon for dogs to have false pregnancies. It’s referred to as pseudopregnancy and is thought to occur due to hormonal imbalances of progesterone and prolactin. It can include an enlarged abdomen, swollen mammary glands, and in rare cases, milk production.

Can a female dog become pregnant during the first heat cycle?

Yes, it is quite possible even if there is hardly any discharge. For Chihuahuas, this is typically between 6 and 8-months-old, but can be as young as 4-months.

I stopped the mating, can my chihuahua still get pregnant?

Pregnancy can still happen even if a mating does not appear to be successful. Even if you stopped a tie, it may already be too late.

Can my Chihuahua get pregnant from more than one dog?

A female dog can be impregnated by more than one dog at the same time. This is known as multiple-parent or two-parent litter. So, for example, a female can be mated on day 1 (with one egg being fertilized) and then, if a different male mates her on day 3, another egg can be fertilized.

I write about the things I've come to discover about having a Chihuahua ( 2 lovely girls ), the adventures we've had, and our ups and downs. So I felt it's only natural and fair to share any tips and advice I've picked up along the way.